Sabine Kreuzspiegl and Christian Satek are
the creative minds behind Mirror Interior, which
they founded in 2006.

Their design philosophy draws on the amazing
breadth of knowledge and experience that both
partners bring to the company.

  • About

    While contemporary interiors often exude a cool reserve and aggressive geometry, the Mirror Interior approach is more humanistic, lyrical and comfort-oriented. We aim to create customised spaces that manage to be intimate and understated at once.

    In creating interior spaces, we work with multifaceted style codes and references, an eclectic mix, both historical and contemporary. As with a great cuvée or fine perfume, we blend a variety of different elements to form a far more complex – and ultimately more pleasing – harmony.

    The concept and style of our design evolves naturally out of the client’s requirements and preferences, as well as being inspired by the mood, history and sense of location. The underlying basis for realising this aesthetic vision is a comprehensive process of thoughtful, functional and technical planning.

    Guiding our work is the belief that pleasant rooms are the result of a care­fully thought-out interaction between all aspects of design, such as the spatial proportions, stylistic elements employed, furniture, colours, materials and textures, as well as lighting and indoor climate solutions. In the end, a designed space should fit the client perfectly, as one might expect of an haute couture dress or bespoke suit.

    The name of the company Mirror Interior is a wordplay on SabineKreuzspiegl’s name (“Spiegel” being the German term for mirror). It also alludes to the partners’ belief that well-conceived surroundings will reflect the personalities of the people living and working within them.

  • Sabine Kreuzspiegl

    Sabine Kreuzspiegl is an accomplished textile and fashion designer who graduated from the fashion design programme at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She has attended master classes given by Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander andJean-Charles de Castelbajac. Her work in the fashion design field has ranged from founding and running her own label, Semidei, which works for a range of international clients, to creating a second line focussing on corporate fashion projects for major companies.

    Kreuzspiegl combines her interior design work with a design director role at a fashion textile manufacturer. Her talents and design experience have given her an unerring sense of style, shapes and colour, and an ongoing awareness of emerging trends. This background has provided her with the finesse and skills required to create a wide range of custom textile designs for Mirror Interior projects.

  • Christian Satek

    A graphic designer and illustrating artist from the outset, Christian Satek has enjoyed an extraordinary career as a partner at one of Austria’s largest advertising agencies. He has created a series of legendary ad campaigns over the years, becoming an established name as a creative director and winning an array of awards for his work.

    In the course of his career, Christian Satek has become a seasoned brand specialist, gradually evolving from corporate and sales architecture to embrace interior design work.

    His wide experience of creating positionings and brands has created a powerful basis for Satek to fully encompass Mirror Interior interior design projects, and understand and translate his clients’ needs.